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Steps to catch a cheater

Catch her cheating

Got a girl that's fun, sexy, spontaneous, and even makes her own money, but you just don't trust her? You went into this knowing she was a bit of a good time girl with lots of friends, male and female, a lively social life, and sex appeal that's bound to attract attention wherever you go. You thought you could handle it, a fun middle of the road relationship that has some casual aspects and some more committed features to it. But, along the way, you began to feel more deeply about the girl, got a little possessive (in your mind at least), and began letting it eat you up inside when her flirty little ways attracted outside male attention.

This was supposed to be ok, per your original arrangement, but it got to the point where it wasn't for you, so you had the “exclusive serious relationship talk” with her. To your surprise, she agreed with you and said she too wanted to take things to a more serious and committed level. You are ecstatic and start thinking this could be the one.

Things go along well for a month or two and she seems to settle down a bit. She's not so flirty, not in the mood to party and be in a huge crowd of “friends” all the time, and even demonstrates some domestic tendencies, spending a little more time at your place doing the type of things a wife might do. She still maintains her own home, but is spending about half or more of her time at your place. But after a few weeks of this you begin to see some chinks in the armor and some return to her old way of doing things. You become convinced that she's begun cheating and you feel the need to take steps to catch her cheating and then decide what to do from there.

Here's What You Do to uncover her affair

Tell her that you want to spend the upcoming weekend at her place for a change (something you've done only rarely and not at all since “the talk”). First, observe her reaction. Is she immediately looking for an excuse to get out of it? Does she look concerned or nervous? Does she flat out refuse with little to no explanation? Any of these are reasons to have your suspicions aroused, but don't jump the gun just yet.

If she actually consents to it, go ahead and go through with it as planned. This is where she lives “her life” away from you. So, she normally doesn't have to make any adjustments or put on any “faces” here. Therefore, there are likely to be clues to any secret activities suggesting cheating that would not appear when she is at your place. Be on the lookout for these. But if there seems to be nothing and the place seems almost too “squeaky clean”, this may be a red flag as well because she has simply cleansed the place of clues before your arrival. Either way, it will give you some insight into her life away from you and help you decide whether the whole endeavor is worth this type of worry and distrust.

You may very well decide that it's not and want to move on to a relationship that starts out on more solid ground in the first place.