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Signs your cheating husband has been unfaithful

Infidelity and marriage: What to do

Your husband is like a lot of other men in the 40-50 age bracket. He is deep in the midst of his career and working hard to leave his professional mark and hopefully establish a sound financial legacy for his family. Consequently, much of his energy, time, and even passion go toward bringing these ambitions to fruition. It is not at all an uncommon scenario in America. We consistently rank as one of the most work-obsessed nations in the world and most men at one point or another fall victim to some of the side effects of this hard-driving professional ambition. Namely burnout, fatigue, health concerns, a “work widow” wife, and even impotence. With this type of sustained stress, expectations from every corner of life, and energy output, men's bodies begin to overflow with the stress hormone cortisol which will affect them in all of the aforementioned negative ways.

You understand and accept all of this, but you can't help feeling like there is more to your story than this. Sure, your husband has certainly demonstrated some of the battle fatigue described above at times, but he seems more aloof and more disengaged than you think he ought to, even with the stress level he says he is under. You think he may have grown so desperate for an outlet, a way to add some variety to the blitzkrieg of a routine that he goes through on a daily basis that you suspect your husband is having an affair.

So What Are the Signs of a Cheating Husband?

He is home late every night, even on weekend days. He never seems to take a break. You've done some checking and he really is knocking himself out at work. But every night?

You've been by his workplace after hours and seen that his car is not parked there as it should be if he's working late. Maybe he's gone to get a bite to eat or otherwise take a small break, but maybe not. Maybe, he's having an affair.

He has a work phone that you're never allowed to look at, let alone touch. You've never thought much about this, but with some other recent behavior changes your suspicions are aroused.

Occasionally, you think you catch the scent of a strange perfume but it is always masked with cigarette smoke, his own cologne, the couple drinks he had after he finally did leave work, or some other competing scent.

You've noticed him taking more and more “work calls” at home on the phone you don't get to look at.

You know he's tired and worn out from the workload and stress and you have been patient and understanding, but he hasn't been interested in sex in months. In fact, you haven't done it at all in 6 weeks...

He suddenly has no opinion on things that he used to. Even simple things like “what should we have for dinner?”. He's often not there at dinner time so you don't get too worked up over this, but even so you offer to make him his favorite comfort food for when he finally does get home and he still seems uninterested.

You find him talking about restaurants or hang outs downtown that you had no idea he'd ever been to or was even interested in. Places you wouldn't automatically think of as work lunch/dinner places.

After weeks of neglect in the bedroom he suddenly comes at you one night with a new thing he wants to try that you have no idea where it may have come from.

You find some sort of male potency supplement amongst his other toiletries that you certainly are not receiving the benefits of.

This too busy, overworked, stressed out, no time having husband of yours decides to join a gym when he has never been consistent with any type of workout plan in the past, and he actually starts to trim down and buff up. Yet still, sex once a month if you're lucky.

I don't know ladies. If you are seeing even half of these I think you have some cause for concern.