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How to spot signs of an affair

Signs your wife is cheating

As far back as biblical times, Solomon, the legendary king, philosopher, teacher, and serial womanizer of ancient Israel warned us of the fickle and, all too often, adulterous ways of women. Of course Solomon was engaged in sanctioned adultery with his 700 wives and 400+ concubines due to the patriarchal and polygamous nature of the society in which he lived. But this standard, of course, did not work both ways. A woman caught in an adulterous relationship in these times might pay with her life as she could legally be dragged outside the city walls and stoned to death by the rest of the citizenry. A pretty awful way to go and a huge double standard if there ever was one.

Why do I go into all of this? Because Solomon is widely regarded as one of the wisest men to ever live. And in case you're wondering, yes, he has been proven to be a historical figure, not just a biblical allegory. In his writings Solomon gives us literally hundreds of warnings about the cunning, subtle, and even conniving ways of unfaithful women. Creatures who will stop at nothing to get what they want, secure their future, and set up a lifestyle for themselves that they feel entitled to. In our society most of the “cheating” attention seems to be focused on men because supposedly they are the “dogs” always on the prowl for their next sexual conquest. This is probably true because men are generally more obvious about things whereas women are generally infinitely more skilled in subtlety, deception, compartmentalizing their true motives. Hence, the cheating wife. So, how do you know if your wife is having an affair? What are the signs of a cheating wife? Here are a few that I think stand out.

Things That Give the Cheating Wife Away

The first, and most obvious: you're getting no play in the bedroom. Maybe she's been treating it like a “duty” for awhile now, but still did perform her wifely duty on a semi-regular basis. But now… nothing.

She has been working part-time only for years so she could focus on being a mother, homemaker, and social butterfly in her various women's endeavors. But suddenly she has decided to dedicate herself more fully to growing and developing her career. Sounds like she's getting ready for some sort of leap or change doesn't it?

She comes home with a new work phone one day, not having changed jobs. She's been with her employer for years and has never needed a phone before.

She begins to dress less conservatively, wearing sexier more revealing, yet still professional outfits. She wants to be seen by somebody and it doesn't appear to be you.

She begins to talk just a little too much about her male colleagues and her collaborations with them. But her comments are always skillfully woven into a plausible and seemingly benign framework. Again, in general, women are better at this than men.

Her Victoria's Secret monthly bill suddenly doubles. You don't remember that many new and sexy ensembles.

She just doesn't seem to have the energy or interest to be your shoulder and your confidant to unload your life's troubles, worries, private struggles onto anymore. This flies right in the face of the type of partnership that marriage is supposed to embody. A partnership that she used to embrace and encourage you to embrace as well. She wanted to hear about your deepest feelings, troubles, triumphs, insecurities, and breakthroughs. Now she is distracted and couldn't seem to care less.

I hope you don't find yourself identifying with all of these signs, but if you do, I think it may be time for a talk with your wife, because she may be having an affair.